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Patrick Nagel: Music

Just the Same

(Patrick Nagel)
July 28, 2006
Patrick Nagel

Best Male Vocals in Blues, week of 26Mar2007
Best Guitars in Blues, week of 26Mar2007
Best Lyrics in Blues, week of 26Mar2007
Best Mood in Blues, week of 26Mar2007
Most Original in Blues, week of 26Mar2007
Just The Same

In my lifetime I’ve paid 28 cents for gasoline
For half a buck you could be down at the movie screen
And five dollars in the city bought you a night of rock and roll dreams

Record albums had liner notes you could read
FM radio played the best music commercial free
And California was the one place everybody else wanted to be

That was a long time ago, back when I was young
Get your mind out of the past old man, the future has begun
But one thing that ain’t changed, it’s still the same old game
Those damned old politicians and their wars are just the same
Still sending the young folks half way round the world
We’re not just sending boys this time, this time we’re sending girls
And you’re labled unpatriotic if you point out it ain’t right
But Bush can fall like Nixon too, man that would be a sight!

You can call me an old fogie; you could be right
But there’s one thing I know that’s true tonight
That trickle-down theory is just the same old con
The rich are gonna get richer
And the rest of us will just get pissed upon.